Guided Bike Tour

Montjuïc Views


  • Plaza Espanya
  • MNAC
  • Olympic complex
  • Panoramic point Port
  • The casstle
  • Panoramic point City
  • Jardin of Joan Brossa
  • Panoramic Hotel Miramar
  • Jardins de Mossèn Costa i Llobera
  • Columbus Monument
  • Rambla de Raval


    The first mountain bike tour that we offer is around the hill of Montjuic, right in the centre of Barcelona, giving breathtaking views over the city, the port, the airport and the Mediterranean sea. The tour takes about 2 hours. We are starting from the famous tourist attraction Plaza España, one of the biggest linking squares of the city known for the former bullfight arena, now a shopping centre, Arenas de Barcelona and its two Venetian towers at the entrance of the 1929 International Exposition, which is now sheltering the Barcelona’s international fair. Crossing between the towers, on the right we are going to see Mies van der Rohe’s German national pavilion and in front of us the four columns representing the Catalan flag, la sanyera. Just behind is the impressive building of the National Palace, nowadays National Museum of the Art of Catalonia.

    Going up the hill we are going to dive in the peace of this enormous green park. We are going to pass by Caixa Forum, a former textile factory and a modern art gallery and Poble Espanyol, an architectural museum that represents buildings from every part of Spain. More up we are going to see the Olympic ring with the Olympic stadium named after the former president Lluís Companys, Palau Sant Jordi, an indoor sporting arena and the Telecommunications Tower, designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

    Further in the tour we are going to pass by the Fundació Joan Miro, holding work of the world famous Catalan artist and other interesting expositions of contemporary art. Climbing up we are going to enjoy nature sceneries and views over the commercial port before arriving to the highest peak of our adventure, the castle of Montjuic, built in 1751 and representing one of the strategic defensive points of the city through the ages. During Franco´s regime it was used as jail for political prisoners. The highest point of Montjuic is the Fortress on 173 meters above the sea level from where we can slowly start to descend in order to reach the fabulous botanical garden full of more than 800 types of cactuses, palms and other kinds of exotic trees.

    After enjoying the beauty of Barcelona and its surroundings, we have two choices: to say goodbye with a big smile after a relaxing adventure or to go back to Plaza España for another exceptional experience. In the hot summer nights Barcelona presents to its guests the chance to live the Magic Fountains, an essential open space free show worth visiting.



    Ajo Bike
    Carrer d’En Roig 5
    Barcelona, 08001
    Tours any day, at any time!
    * upon reservation

    +34 930 082 298
    Every day: 10:00 – 19:00



    Have in Mind
    Our tours are not the usual tour experience – getting here/there and talking, talking, talking… We capture moments – we chase the sun and enjoy the view, we float on the edge of the city and dive among its hidden places. We do not talk a lot, we respect privacy and we love to do things the nature way.

    What’s Included
    – a guide;
    – a city bike;
    – a helmet (if requested);
    – a bottle of water;
    – some good time around the city.

    What’s Not Included
    – food / beverages;
    – special bike(s);
    – different return location;
    – night rides;
    – vehicle transfers from/to meeting point(s).
    [ Click here for more information on extra services ]

    Group Size
    The group will be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 people. With the kind of leisure and panoramic tours we offer, we strive to keep the atmosphere as private as possible in a city like Barcelona. If you happen to be part of a larger group, please do contact us for arranging a suitable option.

    Meeting Location + Tour Duration
    The meeting location is Ajo Bike at Carrer d’En Roig 5, downtown Raval. You are adviced to appear some 15 mins before the tour hour to be able to choose a comfortable bike and to be instructed on safety and precautions. If you happen to find yourself in a situation you realize you are going to be late, please give us a call to let us know about it – we appreciate our time as much as you do yours 😉 The tour duration is mentioned in the infosheet above and is +/- 30 mins depending on your shape and/or leisure attitude.

    This is a guided tour and all routes are selected by the group leader. Detours are possible, but should be discussed in advance.

    Our bikes are mostly city bikes. If you need another type or some special bike, please let us know in the booking form. It will be added as an extra charge to the total booking amount.

    There are four difficulty grades we have specified. And as we don’t like to twaddle, they are briefly explained: A: Easy, B: Moderate, C: Difficult & D: Challenging.

    Clothing & Equipment
    The excessive degrees of Barcelona are mostly during the summer, so even having in mind the tour leader’s perfect choice of routes, it’s always good to have a spare t-shirt. You know yourself best, so put in the bag whatever you consider important, but don’t forget the sunscreen and the hat. If you happen to choose the more appropriate time of the morning or the evening for your Barcelona biking adventure, consider taking a top.

    Back Up
    An experienced tour leader will ride with you. For all groups above 6 persons a second guide will be riding at the back and will be available if any problem occurs.

    About the Guides
    Friendly international bike-loving people. We are a few friends, gathered by one passion – the bike ride!

    Food / Beverages
    There is an option for organizing a snack break. It is recommended to bring a sandwich with you, so we enjoy both the food and the view. Otherwise we can drop in any local bodega on the way back and have some bocadillos with a glass of wine. Price of a main course in a small restaurant during high season is around 15 eur per person. A bottle of water is included with every ride.

    Depending on group size, there may be discounts available. You may check the current hot offers at our promo page.

    Children under 14 are not permitted on our general tours. If you consider having a family vacation, you may be offered a private family tour. Ask about it here.

    Cancellations & Refund Policy
    Upon confirmation of your booking a 10% of the total price is due to be paid. This is our cancellation fee as well. If you happen to have prepaid for your tour and for some reason you are not able to enjoy it, you have to inform us not later than 72 hours prior to your tour hour and we’ll refund you right away. In the rare event when the weather is not pleasant at all, we can reschedule your tour or refund you in full.

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